Stolen Vehicle Retrieved With Facebook

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — One Grants Pass man loses his prize four-wheel drive, but solves the crime using social media. Through Facebook, the victim not only found his SUV, he helped police track down another stolen vehicle.

The four-runner was stolen sometime last Friday night; a thief drove it off the lot. David McKenzie parked it in the lot because he was selling the vehicle. McKenzie’s friend, Chris Harris, turned to Facebook by posting several pictures of the car.

The photos circulated through friends and family. Their shares resulted in numerous tips. That led McKenzie and Harris to Upper River Road. They found the car stripped of its parts, but the tips continued to pour in leading them to a house where Joey Gregory and Bobby Gillette were located. Police were tipped off and Harris caught the arrest on camera.

“We followed the tip and we sat there and sat there, and sat there. And then finally the cops had everything they wanted in order to get us going,” said Harris.

“I have several friends, several friends that have theirs stolen and 90% of the time you never see it again,” said McKenzie.

Police found all of the stripped parts from McKenzie’s four runner inside that house. They also found additional evidence at that home that led them to find another stolen vehicle.

The two suspects appeared in court Wednesday afternoon for their arraignments. Gilette is staying at the Josephine County Jail but Gregory was released.