Stolen Firearms Under Investigation

jaco sheriff's officeNEAR MEDFORD, Ore. — After years of being unoccupied new owners took over this home, but they were greeted by chaos.

“The shop on the property had been broken into and boxes and stuff were all over the place,” explained Jackson County Sheriff’s Office PIO, Andrea Carlson.

But Jackson County Sheriff’s official say the thieves were not done. The sheriff’s office received a 911 call the very next day. Deputies found one of the suspects, Brian Johnson, in a white pickup truck just down the street.

Johnson was taken to Jackson County Jail after removing a few stolen items from the bed of his truck, but 35,000 dollars’ worth of guns, ammunition and reloading equipment are still missing.

Dee Gilson says this house drew a number of transients and activity that crossed over to her yard.

“People who live on the streets come to get warm and they have broken into it many times, vandalized it and it’s been a major concern they’ve been here trying to open our garage door,” said Gilson.

Gilson now believes these firearms could contributed their neighborhood gang activity, but she hopes these suspects are found, and that the new owners move in immediately.

“I’m going to feel much more comfortable. I won’t be hearing things all time at night, you know, and you know someone’s over there.”