Still Watching for More Lightning

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Two nocturnal thunderstorms developed overnight in Jackson County, one of which passed straight through Medford. Both of these storms were a result of outflow boundaries, winds that storms tend to release as they are dying down. These outflow boundaries were from Sunday evening’s storms over Siskiyou County. Outflow boundaries are also what initiated the lightning storms that started all of the fires last summer in Josephine and Douglas Counties.

Another closed low will drop down the West Coast within the next 24 hours, helping to bring more moisture and instability into our neck of the woods.  This will support isolated to scattered thunderstorms across the region this afternoon and evening. As usual, a fire weather warning will go into effect at 1pm this afternoon for the Cascades, Siskiyous, parts of the Klamath Basin, portions of Northern California and also Eastern Douglas County.

Most of the activity today will be along the Cascades and south of the Siskiyous. However, we can’t really rule out storms traveling over the mountains into West Side Valleys. Cells will be traveling north, northwest.

The moisture will shift further east tomorrow as the low drives inland. This will keep storm activity east of the Cascades and south of the Siskiyous. By Wednesday, the disturbance will be far enough inland that quiet weather will take over.

High pressure will then be the dominant weather feature to finish the week. High temperatures will stay near or below normal Wednesday/Thursday — the upper 80’s for the West Side! Overnight lows will begin cooling down as well, a sign that fall is not too far off! (Yay!)

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese