Still No School for Some Districts

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Although many school districts were back in session over the past few days, the snow and ice was still causing some cancellations on Friday.

Ever since the snow came down last week, and the cold temperatures caused the roads to be frozen over with ice, both the Rogue River School District and Three Rivers have been closed. That means by the time classes resume next Monday, it will have been 10 days since the last time kids were in class. Then they have winter break just a week later.

Despite the warmer temperatures on Friday, superintendents in both districts decided to keep schools closed because some roads in rural areas were still very icy.

Rogue River Superintendent Paul Young said it was simply a matter of keeping kids safe. Meanwhile, with no school for the past week, a local day care said it was seeing more kids being dropped off by parents this week.

“It’s been pretty difficult, because parents with school aged kids don’t normally plan on child care for their kids, but the parents with younger kids already have a plan. So, just kind of shuffling and playing it day by day when they don’t get the call until the night before or that morning,” Rhonda Schock at Great Beginnings Day Care.

Young said he still needs to crunch the numbers to find out how many days the district will need to add to make up for these past snow days. He says he does not think they have enough time currently built in without adding more days later in the year.

The Rogue River Superintendent says the last time school was closed for this long was about 15 years ago, but he says he absolutely expects school to finally be back in session on Monday.