Still Cool But Dry

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While unseasonably cool temperatures persist today the rain will not. Today will be dry across the area with a slight chance of some pop up mornings showers, but most areas will be dry throughout the day. Tomorrow we bring in a chance for showers, mainly at the coast, that will persist through the weekend with a better chance for rain next week. This is all due to a warm front that will start to push into our region over the weekend. This warm front will also be ushering in much warmer temperatures, some areas will be over 20 degrees warmer in the afternoon than where we’ll be today.

The trough that brought us the cold wet weather this week is continuing to push east and as it does so it may impact Hurricane Sandy. The National Centers for Environmental Predictions has requested that all upper air sites (including Medford) release four weather balloons instead of two a day in order to better measure the atmosphere in order to better forecast the trough as it moves east. This hasn’t happened in decades!  I’m excited what ends up happening with Hurricane Sandy over the next week.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry