Sticker Shock For California Motorists

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YREKA, Calif. – Motorists are hurting again at the gas pump. Gas prices now sit near an all time high for this time of the year and the prices are going up rapidly across the country, but especially in California. Gas prices across that state jumped by nearly 20 cents in just one day.

With the price of a gallon of gas continuing to rise, people are feeling it, including in Northern California, where Yreka’s gas prices jumped up seemingly overnight. According to date from AAA, the average price for gallon of gas in California jumped 17 cents Friday morning.

The state average is $4.48 per gallon, but prices in Yreka are well above that, with one gas station charging $4.91 for a gallon of regular. The jump is due in part to several California refineries being shut down for maintenance or other problems, but that’s just creating more problems for some people in Northern California, who say they have no choice but to pay the higher prices.

Some drivers NewsWatch12 spoke with Friday said they hope to see the prices go down soon, but they’ve gone through enough price increases to know that may not happen. As for how long these prices are going to stay this way, it’s really too early to say. AAA has said in the past that the prices tend to go down when the refineries come back online.