Stephanie Carr: Amateur AotW

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Records are set and records are broken. If SOU soccer star Stephanie Carr scores twelve goals this season, she will be the program’s all time goals leader.

“She’s ridiculous. She’s indefatigable,” said head coach Jon Clement. “She works harder than everybody that I’ve ever coached really. She sets a really high standard. She’s really a product of her own work rate and success.”

“I have nothing to lose but everything to gain,” Carr said.  “You only have four years to play in college so why not go hard every single year? And especially this year. It’s my last one. So I’m going to give it everything.”

That effort may land her in the record books. However, for Carr and her coach, the individual success is secondary to the team success.

“It’s great to be in a position where you have somebody who’s on the cusp of doing something special, but I think it’s very important that we are collective and she’s a big part of the collectiveness,” said Clement.

“This season I really want to bring the rest of my team with me. I’ve accomplished a lot and I’d really like for the rest of my team to do just as well. One person can’t make it to nationals. You’re gonna need the whole team,” said Carr.

While Carr understands that wins are the ultimate stat, the senior would love the opportunity to etch her name in the SOU history books.

“Ever since I was young, it was kind of my dream to play in college and make a name for myself. And if I can break the record, then I’d go down in our books for a while,” said Carr.