Step Closer in State Lottery Measure

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Voters in Oregon may soon be able to decide if millions of dollars of lottery funds should be state controlled.

Securing Our Safety, a group of citizens dedicated to restore public safety in Josephine County, is behind this initiative.

The group has collected over 13 hundred signatures to get a ballot title. The next step is to go state-wide to get over 116 thousand signatures by next July.

SOS is proposing to allow 50 percent of that state-controlled lottery dollars to be county-controlled instead. Members are pushing for funds to restore the criminal justice system. The group says a hurdle they face is overcoming citizen’s mis-trust in local government.

“On a local level, people can get more involved in how that money’s spent, ’cause people can be part of the budget committee. They can go to budget hearings. They can solicit the commissioners to help decide where the money is going to be spent,” said SOS member Cliff Thomason.

If SOS can get the 116 thousand signatures, the measure will be on the 2014 November ballot.


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  1. CannabisTV says:

    “SOS is proposing to allow 50 percent of that state-controlled lottery dollars to be county-controlled instead. ”

    Gotta work on that grade school level reading comprehension. They want more local control at the county level instead of allowing the state to control it. That is moving in the right direction. The futher away taxpayer dollars go, they less they’re worth. Tax money that is forcefully taken from citizen by the feds over in Washington DC is even worse, we see very little positive results. More control and concern from citizens on a local level makes communities stronger. Helping fight against our corrupt and overpowered federal government is another way people are resisting the continued destruction of our liberties.

    1. mark says:

      Totally agree with you Cannabis.
      However, I wouldn’t give local governments a pass in the corruption department. If we had true investigative journalism in Southern Oregon, I believe we would all be amazed at the findings. The problem as I see it, is that the media, for the most part, is “in bed” with the Good “ol Boyz.

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