Staying Cool At The Fair

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By Sharon Ko

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Larger crowds are expected to hit the Jackson County Fair this weekend and fire officials are preparing with cooling essentials.

Medford Fire-Rescue and Fire District Number 3 are teaming up with a station set up at the fair. A tent will be available, hooked up with a mister system where people can cool off.

If you’re thirsty, there’s an old soda machine that’s converted to a water fountain. Paramedics have also prepared an air-conditioned trailer with two beds inside. Paramedics suggest drinking lots of water before coming to the fair and say avoid sugary drinks, which do not hydrate your body.

Because of the cool weather they say, so far this year, no ones been treated for heat exhaustion at the fair. But they’ve been handing out a lot of band-aids so far. They plan to have between 3 to 9 staff members at the fair for the next three days.