Plan for School Lunches During Strike

summer lunch picMEDFORD, Ore. — One goal the Medford School District has if a strike occurs is for all meals to continue as usual at schools like Jackson Elementary.

In total, more than 12,000 meals are served every day in the Medford School District and $7,000 are lunches spread across kindergarten through high school.

Sodexo is the company who provides and prepares the meals for all schools in the Medford School District. As of Friday, Sodexo officials said they are waiting to find out the specifics from the district on when the food will be served, but they plan to continue to provide the nutritious meals to students – strike or no strike.

Parents spoke about the importance to the school meals provided for their students:

“If you’re not full you can’t learn very well. They don’t have complaints, so I hope it continues if they go on strike,” said parent Alex Perez.

All schools in the district serve breakfast and lunch with some select other serving other additional meals or snacks throughout the day. Sodexo provides for other school districts as well and officials say if there is a strike, they have adequate resources to handle any additional volume that may come their way.