State Police Find Missing California Man

6-22 jbo lost old man

GLENDALE, Ore. – An 88-year old man from California is now back with his family after getting lost 370-miles away from home.

Oregon State Police say that man was from Vacaville and was supposed to be meeting his family not far from home. He ended up stranded on Interstate 5 near Glendale, nearly six hours away.

Sergeant Jeff Allison says he found the man with an empty tank, a dead battery, and a dead cell phone, completely unaware he was in Oregon.

The man had been reported missing by his family that morning. Allison says when he found out, he drove him down to Medford, treated him to dinner at his place of choice — Burger King — and then dropped him off at the Red Lion Hotel to await his family.

“I made sure the gentleman made it to his room safely. I wrote down all the information for him because in his situation, he may not remember everything,” said Allison.

Allison says the man was surprisingly mentally sharp despite his apparent confusion. As far as his driving is concerned, Oregon State Police has no jurisdiction but they say the family can request their local DMV to require he take a retest if they so choose.

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  1. CB says:

    Awesome work Officer Allison! Proud of you!

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