State Indictment Against McVay Dismissed

ALAN MCVAY BOMBERMEDFORD, Ore. — The suspect in a bombing case will only be prosecuted at a federal level.

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday afternoon that the State of Oregon’s indictment against Allen Leroy McVay has been dismissed because the United States Attorney’s Office has filed a federal complaint against McVay encompassing the same course of conduct.

The District Attorney’s Office says it is the normal practice of their office and the United States Attorney’s Office to not duplicate the prosecution of the same course of conduct and waste valuable resources that can be directed at other matters.

The Jackson County D.A.’s Office says that McVay being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office resolves any conflict of interest with this case, considering the Jackson County D.A.’s Office was the victim of the crime.

The D.A.’s Office also said the FBI is ready to take over the case at the federal level, having worked hand and hand with the Medford Police Department, who was previously the lead agency on this case. The D.A.’s Office says the FBI crime lab is conducting any further forensic examination of the evidence.