State Funds Renovation for Holly Theater

MEDFORD, Ore. — Not too far away, Medford’s historic Holly Theater is seeing more work. The building, which has been closed since 1986, is benefiting from more than $800,000 dollars.

The money comes from a state tax credit program, and could send another 2.5 million the Holly Theater’s way. The building’s owners, the Jefferson Public Radio Foundation, estimate the total cost of restoration to be around 3.5 million dollars.

The project’s new executive director, Randy Bobst-McKay, says it will have a significant impact on the city, “It’s going to be around 1,000 seats when it’s completed, and that’s large enough to bring acts that don’t currently play in Medford and give Medford metropolitan region a chance to see things they’ve had to leave town for.”

The renovation hasn’t been without its drama. Disagreements between Jefferson Public Radio and Southern Oregon University led to the ousting of the project’s previous director but Bobst-McKay says they’re back on track and can be operational by spring or summer of 2015.

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  1. Sammie says:

    A) How many theaters do we need. Seriously.

    B) I could think of a MILLION ($3.5 when all is said and done to be exact) different ways we could have used that money – oh say…ACCESS, the Sheriff’s dept that is laying off officers, etc – that would have actually done some good for our area – besides the wine industry (it’s amazing how much influence people with money can have on an area – the pear blossom thing is now nothing more than a festival for the rich to hawk their wine which most of us locals can’t even afford.

    So do the powers that be that decide all this garbage actually think this will ‘revitalize’ downtown? Look how well those schemes have worked in the past. And I should have known it would be SOU and JFR involved.

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