State Firearms Proposals Discussed

SALEM, Ore. — The Senate will soon be discussing, and possibly voting on, four gun-control bills meant to expand background checks and add new restrictions on carrying firearms.

The bills would expand background checks to cover private sales, prohibit firearms in public buildings, allow school districts to ban guns on school grounds and require concealed handgun licensees to take an in-person training course.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bills on a 3 to 2 party-line vote.


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  1. suzanne adams says:

    These are all excellent bills and I hope and pray the Senate is given the opportunity to vote on them. They are simply common sense measures that help protect the public from people who turn ballistic and use guns to kill others without regard.

  2. Tom says:

    The only people these will effect are those that actually abide by the laws. The people who you are speaking of would do what they are going to do regardless of any restriction passed.

  3. Adam says:

    Unfortunately most of these only effect those that have already gone through the more extensive background check, training, and full fingerprinting for a CCW. The people that get CCW licenses are not the problem. (Look up the statistics if you don’t believe me.) These are not solutions. They are feel good measures at best.

  4. coley parazoo says:

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  5. Mark Hatfield says:

    It will do nothing to reduce crime, may even increase violence.

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