Stand-Off and Alleged Kidnapping Linked

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A search warrant reveals a recent stand-off incident and the suspects in a kidnapping case are connected.

Detectives arrested Jose Aguirre and his wife in an alleged kidnapping of a girl at a motel. The victim told police she witnessed methamphetamine and firearms in the room. When police got there, there were no firearms. Investigators went looking for the gun at a home where Aguirre frequently hung out. The search warrant on Conklin Avenue in Grants Pass resulted in the discovery of the gun.

β€œIt looks like or appears to be an uzi. It’s a sub-machine gun. It has a detachable barrel. We originally had information that that was originally in the motel room and it was removed from the hotel room prior to police arrival,” said Sgt. Dan Evans with the Grants Pass Dept. of Public Safety.

While at that same home police happened to come across Matthew McNeal. McNeal had a warrant out for his arrest. He ended up in a stand off with police but it ended peacefully.