Spring-Like Weather for Start of Spring

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Spring-like weather is ahead for today and it’s appropriate given spring officially starts just before 10am. High temperatures will run slightly cooler today due to the cold front passage last night. This is also preventing temperatures from dropping as low as recent mornings, but we aren’t out of the clear just yet.

A freeze warning has already been issued by the National Weather Service for Jackson, Josephine, Eastern Curry & Western Siskiyou Counties through 9am Friday morning. Morning lows will reach critical values for orchardists, dropping into the mid and upper 20’s in the coldest areas. This warning will likely return for Saturday morning as well ..potentially even Sunday morning.

This weather pattern will continue to bring clear skies during both the day and overnight. Orchardists should watch the temperatures closely through early next week as wind machines will likely need to be turned on until then.

There is some rain in the extended forecast which is of course good news in this severe drought. Tuesday will bring rain showers and Wednesday will bring more widespread rain to the region. There is cold air with this storm system as well, so some snow for the higher elevations is expected as well. Hopefully this storm can hold together throughout the weekend.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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  1. Alice White says:

    Hello Alyssa,

    I watch all 3 local news channels in Southern Oregon, and I wanted to let you know that you are my favorite weather forcaster. In fact, if I had any influence at all, I would request that you report all the day’s news! As a televison personality, you would think that a person should know to have a pleasant voice, dress appropriately, be sure not to studder or say “um” too much and generally appear “professional.” I won’t say that the other news anchors don’t have those qualities, however, you display them daily and I will turn the channel to 12 when I know you are reporting just for that reason. Thank you so much for helping our little valley have a professional appearance!



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