Sportsmen’s Show Sees Attendance Spike

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Sunday marks the last day for the NewsWatch 12’s Sportsmen’s and Outdoor Recreation Show at the Jackson County Expo.  Event organizers said this year they saw their biggest crowd yet, and vendors and officials alike are calling the event a success.

“Sales have been great,” said Miracle Door Mat sales representative, John Stetler. “This is probably the best year we’ve had out here in many years.”

Organizers said the event has a growing reputation, bringing more people out this year than ever before.  They estimated 15,000 people would attend the event before it’s over.  However, Saturday was the busiest day by far.

“We only had three years to compare… although we will compare it to all 14 years, and we were tracking quite a bit ahead of that so it appears we did about 8,000 people in one day,” said NewsWatch 12’s Sportsmen’s and Outdoor Recreation Show producer, Joe Pate.

Even with the rush, Pate said the show adapted, and vendors handled the crowd.  The large number of guests boosted sales, but caused some to run out of supplies.  For others, they had to put forth a little extra effort.

“A lot more demonstration just because we do have a lot more customers out here… a lot more people coming through… so I’ve been doing demonstration all day long I’m basically back to back showing people how these work,” said Stetler.

Regardless, organizers are deeming the NewsWatch 12’s Sportsmen’s and Outdoor Recreation Show a success.