Sports Bars Go Big for Super Bowl

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MEDFORD, Ore. — For many restaurants and sports bars the big game means big business. At 11 a.m. the day is just beginning for employees at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“Getting all of our prizes set up… we’ve pre-sold all of our seats for today… we’re going to be doing giveaways all throughout the day,” said Buffalo Wild Wings general manager, Marc Cote.

It’s all hands on deck for employees, and as for the guests, it’s going to cost them some extra dough to sit in the sports bull pin.

“This is the only day of the year that we actually sell our seats within the store… It’s  $10.00 a seat,” said Cote.

However, there are no worries when it comes to the supply of beer and food, all of which were pre-ordered weeks ago.

“We’re probably going to go through at least six cases of wings,” said Cote.  “We typically order about 120 throughout the week, so we will do half of our business throughout the entire week in one day.”

Across town at Chadwick’s sports bar, it’s a similar situation.

“Our normal liquor order was twice the size it normally is…the keg room is packed to the gills right now… we load it up,” said Chadwick’s bartender, Jeremy Peterson.

Happy hour deals are running all-day, and raffle prizes are set up. Chadwick’s even has its own Super Bowl menu created for especially for game day.

Both restaurants alike say there is no better place to be when it comes down to the final play.

“This is the biggest sports day of the year and to see this place erupt when there’s a touchdown or an interception… there is nothing like it other than being at the game,” said Cote.