Spirit Competition Tradition Continues

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MEDFORD, Ore. — South Medford High School students are showing off their best dance moves, to win a trip to Six Flags.

The Milli Vanilli Competition is the last event in a year-long spirit competition. Throughout the year, the students competed to win spirit points. Today, they showed off their dance routines, hoping to gain points from the judges, including NewsWatch 12’s Danielle Craig. The seniors say they’ve been working on their routine since February.

“We get a chance to see kids in their element, we’re so hard on them trying to push them all the time, to excel and be better people, but for one day we as teachers get to have a blast with them,” Adam Drew, a teacher at South Medford High School.

This year’s winning class is the seniors. They won over the junior’s by just 95 points. That means, they’ll be going on a school-paid trip to Six Flags Vallejo.