Spider Species Found Near Grants Pass

NEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore. — It was way back in 1870 when biologists last discovered something like this. We’re talking about a new spider species. An Oregon man found the first family of its kind in all of North America in a cave near Grants Pass.

It’s called the Trogloraptor marchingtoni. A self-taught biologist, Neil Marchington, who lives in Bend, spent the last few years collecting the spiders as part of a hobby. Deputy Neil Marchington works at the Dechutes County Jail. His mother lives in Medford.

After sending the samples to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco, researchers recently published their findings confirming its originality. They also named it after the Oregon man who found it.

“I was definitely somewhat surprised,” Marchington said. “I wasn’t expecting to have it named after me by any means, so it was definitely a little overwhelming. I had to digest it. Having your name on such a historical discovery in the field of spiders is pretty remarkable.”