Spending Cuts Could Hit Financial Aid

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ASHLAND, Ore. — This Friday, the federal government is set to undergo automatic budgets cuts, also known as the sequester. The goal is to save more than a trillion dollars. The concern is that it comes at too high a cost.

For some students, it could make it harder to pay for college. Southern Oregon University officials say many of their students take advantage of federal financial aid, or work federal work study jobs on campus to help pay tuition, but the cuts could be deep for those students.

A report released by the White House says 280 students in Oregon will be unable to find work study jobs. SOU has 200 students in its work study program, and said it’s a way for students to balance a job with classes, and still make money to pay for everything from food to books.

SOU’s financial aid office says the university is currently developing a jobs program on campus that would add 50 student jobs next fall. The office says if the school has to cut some of the work study jobs, there could still be options for students, like the new jobs program.

For the complete White House report, including the impact the sequester could have in individual states, click here.