Applegate Lake Speed Change Proposed

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APPLEGATE LAKE, Ore. — For more than 30 years, Applegate Lake has been a quiet refuge for anglers looking to wet a line or take a slow cruise around in a fishing boat.

Now, a group of power boat operators wants to see the ten mile an hour speed limit eliminated, so faster boats could use the lake. A hearing is planned in Medford next month to hear from interested parties about the proposed speed limit change.

Some business owners with whom NewsWatch12 talked say they are in favor of changes that could lure more tourist traffic to the lake, but many local residents and anglers think it’s a bad idea.

“If those people want to water ski, let them go to other lakes or whatever. But this is Oregon with high mountain lakes and that and it’s not designed for water skiing. Let them go down to the lower lakes where it’s a warmer climate and they can water ski year round,” said Chad Marshall, who opposes the higher limit.

The hearing on the proposed rule change is December 16th at the Medford Library. No decision will be made until the rule-making meeting the next month in Salem.