Special Showing for “Night Moves”

Varsity TheaterASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon filmmakers are hosting a special showing of the movie, Night Moves, that was shot mostly in the Applegate and southern Oregon.

This is one of three locally-shot films to hit the big screen in the past few years.

It is open in theaters now, and Saturday at the Varsity Theater, the producer of the film, Neil Kopp, will hold a special question and answer session after the movie.

Local filmmakers said movies being made in southern Oregon are helping to boost the local economy.

“Filmmaking pays good wages, those are family wage jobs,” said Gary Kout, President of the Southern Oregon Film and Television group. “They are highly specialized and technical, they are creative, and so it is really great to see the industry growing here.”

Night Moves stars Jesse Eisenburg and Dakota Fanning.  The movie starts at 6 p.m. Saturday.  Movie-goers will have to pay general admission to see the movie and participate in the producer talk-back.