Special Ed. to Continue Through Strike

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford teacher strike is impacting families across the Rogue Valley — including those with special needs.

The Medford School District said its 18 special day classes, seven education service district programs, and all of its resource programs in each school will stay up and running throughout the strike.

Specialists along with classified staff will continue to work.   Substitutes may be brought in for extra help, but those brought in will also be trained, and aware of each students’ special needs.

“I know this situation will create obstacles, but we are really working hard to minimize disruptions,” said Tania Tong, Supervisor of Special Education and Student Service for the Medford School District.

Some special needs classroom may have to be relocated if their school shuts down during the strike. Plans are still in the works.

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  1. Joann Phillips says:

    Does the news want to hear about phone calls made by Ms.Tongs office of releasing them selves of liability by sending out formal letters to parents keeping their kids home?? Bottom line is they dont really want to help our kids..They just want to cover themselves and release liability back to the parents..Good job news watch..always giving a one-sided story.

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