Southern Oregon’s “No” Election

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Election results reveal Jackson County residents are not willing to fork out extra cash to pay for city services. Jackson County Fire District Number 5 put a measure on the ballot asking for $1.8 million to improve and replace equipment at three of its stations. It’s one of several measures this election period that failed to win over the people’s vote.

A measure asking residents to help pay for construction on pools at Hawthorne Park and Jackson County Park failed to win voter approval, as did the measure to incorporate White City. The measure to help fund a municipal water system in Shady Cove also fell flat.

Jackson County Fire District Number 5’s measure wasn’t a landslide loss. Fire District 5 has stations in Phoenix, Talent and Ashland all in need of upgrades. From fire engines, to oxygen tanks, some of the equipment is over 30 years old. With the failed measure the department is now looking at other options like a lease purchase program.

Voters say deciding for or against these measures was a tough decision to make, but in the end, many voters can’t pay extra while trying to stay afloat themselves. Fire District Number 5 says regardless of the failed measure response time will not be delayed. There were measures that are showing voter approval. Voters approved the measure to help fund the Ashland Library. The general bonds for repairing the city of Rogue River also showed voter approval.


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  1. Linda Lyon says:

    Sure would like to see the results of the measures. Can’t find them anywhere. Guess I’ll have to get a Mail Trib.

    1. Newswatch 12 Staff says:

      Do you mean this? We had the story on our front page earlier: http://www.kdrv.com/oregon-election-results-state-measures/

      You can also get full results at http://www.oregonvotes.org

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