Southern Oregon Sees Storm Damage

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The storm that moved across the region overnight knocked down trees and limbs and left thousands of residents in the dark Monday morning, that’s keeping power crews busy and providing neighbors with firewood. Friends and family of Barbara Borgman were busy at first light, cutting up a pine tree that blew over from her yard into marsh lane early Monday morning.

“I guess it went down about 1:00 or 1:30 this morning, and the neighbor heard it, and I was sound asleep. I didn’t hear it at all until I got up this morning,” recalled Barbara Borgman.

“My husband just came out to make sure it didn’t fall on Barbara’s house, we seen it was in the middle of the road, part of the road, so we called the power company in the middle of the night,” said neighbor Holly.

“It was rotten at the base,” explained Darrin, a woodcutter, “The roots were all rotten, so,good strong wind took her out.”

Pacific Power crews say it was a busy night for them.

“We’re pushing 24 hours right now,” Marc Zurcher with Pacific Power. “We’ve been up around Prospect, Shady Cove, Trail area all night, getting them back on. And then it hit down here this morning.”

Zurcher showed us the frayed cable that exploded when the pine fell across it, shorting it out and blowing out a nearby relay station.

“You got, 7,200 volts of electricity right there slapping together and it’s just a giant arc welder,” Zurcher said.

The wind also blew down the community Christmas tree in Gold Hill, smashing some of the ornaments and it knocked a large oak tree down in Cave Junction, just missing a house. Nearly four dozen customers in this west Medford neighborhood have been without power since early this morning.

Once these crews get the new wire up, everything should be good to go, but they say all across the area, the wind, the snow, and the rain uprooted trees and knocked down limbs. At 8:30 Monday morning, more than a thousand Medford residents were without power; 680 in Grants Pass, 110 in Roseburg and 40 in Klamath Falls. 150 crews were out working on those outages, including several in the Applegate Valley.