Southern Oregon Police Checking On Offender Compliance

By Yessenia Anderson

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local law enforcement agencies joined forces to check-up on sex offenders in the area and say the effort led to surprising compliance results. The multi-agency team worked off a list of known offenders in the Rogue Valley. The offenders on the list included both predatory and non-predatory offenders.

By law, registered sex offenders are required to note their current living address and notify of any changes if they move. This weekend, officials were knocking on doors to confirm those addresses matched up. Officials from Jackson County Parole and Probation were joined by Phoenix, Talent, Ashland, Butte Falls and Central Point Police.

Medford officers conducted 200 checks on Saturday alone. The lowest compliance rate was seen in Phoenix at 73% while the dark hallow area topped the charts at 100% in compliance. Medford Police say they believe the high compliance rates are due in part to an increase in these types of multi-agency sweeps.

In total, the weekend sweep found only 8% of sex offenders in our area were out of compliance. That’s out of almost 540 door knock checks. Additional interagency sweeps are being planned but meanwhile, Medford Police says their officers conduct their own compliance check sporadically throughout the week.