Southern Oregon Inaugurates EV Charging Station

March 16, 2012

By Erin Maxson

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Southern Oregon is home to the first fast charging stations on the electric highway and they will allow electric vehicles to go further as Oregon paves the way to the future of transportation. The charging stations are part here are part of a string of eight that are the first in making Interstate 5 an electric highway.

Right now, and for about the next three weeks, it’s free charge up at the charging station in Central Point, which were installed through a joint effort of the Department of Transportation and AeroVironment. After that, all an electric car owner has to do is swipe their key fob, plug in and the usage is charged to a credit account.

“We haven’t announced any pricing but I can certainly believe that a 100 miles on gas is going to be more than 100 miles on electricity no matter where you get it,” says AeroVironment’s Kristen Helsel.Stimulus funding through the Department of Energy allowed ODOT to be the first among Washington and California to install the initial charging stations on the electric highway.In the shadow of gas prices that are more than four dollars a gallon are parked electric vehicles; ones that promise to save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year, if you can get over the initial sticker price. For more information on the electric highway or electric vehicles, see the following links below:

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