Southern Oregon Hunting Season In Sight

By Rob Scott

MEDFORD, Ore. — Hunting season is in sight and hunters from around the state dream of bringing home a trophy. More than one-hundred-and-thirty-thousand Oregon hunters are hoping this is their year, but before some of them can hit the trail, they’ll need to be chosen from a drawing.

Hank Kleyn-Schoorel is one of those hunters waiting to find out what kind of a hunting season it’ll be; that’s because hunters from around the state apply for controlled hunt tags that allow them to hunt a specific type of game, some more treasured than others.

“If you get drawn for antelope, you better take advantage, because it probably won’t happen again,” says Hank.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife began drawing the lucky names last Friday. For those who aren’t drawn, they’ll receive a “preference point” which improves their chances next year.

“75% of the tags available in a given unit go to the people with the most amount of preference points 25% of those tags go to people at random who apply for them,” says ODFW rep, Mark Vargas.

ODFW determines the number of tags each year based on the number of animals and how they survived the winter and this year in the Rogue Valley.

“It wasn’t extreme; animals survived fairly well and we didn’t see any big die off of deer; we’re going into it about a normal year,” Vargas says.

As for Hank, he won’t let any potential bad luck stop him from future hunting trips.

“Ah wait until next year! We’ll see what happens!” he says. Hunters will be notified by June 20th whether they got the tags they applied for.