Southern Oregon High In Hybrid Sales

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford and Klamath Falls rank 14th in the nation for most hybrid sales.

According to an automotive research firm, 5.6% of all car sales in the area are hybrid cars. Eugene, Portland, and Bend also made the top 15.

Lithia Toyota in Medford says 18.7% of monthly sales are Prius models. Salesmen there say most customers interested in hybrid vehicles just want to save money.

“Changing from a mid-sized sedan that gets good fuel economy to a Prius can almost double your fuel economy,” explained Lithia Toyota’s Kareem Duncan, “and when you look at people spending hundreds of dollars in fuel a month, cutting that in half saves people a lot of money.”

The number one market on the list is the San Francisco’s Bay Area. Other Northern California markets on the list are Eureka and Redding.

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  1. Sam says:

    How come we never see all those people driving their elec cars then? Is it like in Hollywood where they buy one so they look good but then the thing sits in the garage while they drive one of their big, fossil-fuel burnin’ Escalades?

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