Medford Cheerleaders Return After Fire

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BEND, Ore. — After spending much of the night on a golf course in the central-eastern Oregon town of Warm Springs, Medford cheerleaders are back home. A fire in the Kaneeta Resort and Spa interrupted the first day of their cheerleading camp earlier this week.

Five different schools were at a cheer camp being held inside that resort when the fire broke out. The 37 high schoolers from Medford had to evacuate last night.

The group’s bus had already driven back to Medford by the time the fire started, so the teens spent the overnight hours out on the property’s golf course. Team members say the ordeal brought them together.

“It’s definitely brought us together as a family I mean team bonding is a very big issue with a team such as this. You just have to come together and that’s the biggest part,” said cheerleader Morgan Stewart.

The cheerleaders are now in Portland, where they found what they believe are the last available hotel rooms, crowding into just a few rooms until Sunday.