Southern Oregon Back to Class

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PHOENIX, Ore. — After an entire week of canceled classes, many Southern Oregon school districts finally returned to class on Thursday.

Medford already returned to school on Wednesday with surprisingly high attendance, and many other district are experiencing the same thing Thursday.

Schools in the Phoenix-Talent, Ashland, Eagle Point and Central Point Districts resumed classes Thursday, each of them on a one or two hour delay. Some of those districts have been off for the past week because of last Friday’s snow and the icy roads that stuck around afterward.

Phoenix High School had 96% attendance Thursday, and teachers said students got back into the swing of things pretty easily.

“We have the end of the quarter that it coming up at the end of January, but there’s a lot going on. You’ve got your AP classes, a lot of athletic events, you have testing that has to happen, you just have a lot of things going on in this school,” said Phoenix High School Principal Jani Hale.

Rogue River schools were still closed Thursday because of icy road conditions in the area. Medford schools were operating as normal Thursday, with buses on snow routes. Grants Pass schools were open on a 2 hour delay.