South Medford Students Help Sparrow

5-28 rob sparrow MEDFORD, Ore. — As the school year winds down at schools in southern Oregon, so does the effort to help out each school’s sparrow.

At South Medford High School’s assembly Wednesday, it was announced students had donated more than 600 hours of their time and raised more than $15,000.

Students first met their sparrow, a young boy named Isaiah, in November at an assembly organized by the school sparrow coordinator.  She took on the role as part of her senior project and was not alone. Several of her classmates also had their senior project go toward Isaiah and his family. Everything from benefit concerts to a “fight night” helped raise money for the family this school year.

“I’ve seen four sparrow assemblies and they’ve all been fantastic but people were really, really excited for Isaiah. Instead of it being an overly emotional and “I feel so sad” kind of thing, it was more “there’s hope, let’s do this, let’s get going,” said South Medford Senior and Sparrow Coordinator Adde Moore.

Isaiah’s family will also get a trip to Disneyland to spend time as a family thanks to money raised by South Medford students.