SOU Summer Course Explores “Selfies”

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Selfie. The word is defined in the dictionary as a self portrait usually taken with a smartphone. They’ve become a popular form of modern photography and now a field of study.

Southern Oregon University is offering a summer class that explores the “Journey to the Center of the Selfie.” Students ages 11 to 14 will learn why the portraits flood social media feeds. They’ll also be looking at the feedback from friends and family that’s posted to social media. NewsWatch12’s Kirstin O’Connor spoke with Meri Walker, the instructor of the new course, about the modern form of photography.

“We’re comparing ourselves to magazine images, to television images, to book images that are everywhere. So we’re calculating looking all the time seeing, who am I? In relation to what people think people are supposed to look like,” Walker said.

The course is being offered in August, students can register online anytime before it begins.

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