SOU Starts Weekend Preview Tours

SOU Tours

ASHLAND, Ore. — This weekend Southern Oregon University is opening its doors to potential students.

This is the first of three “Weekend Preview” tours SOU is holding from now through March.  Visitors get to tour campus, meet faculty, and attend workshops on the application process.   Potential students also get to sit in on classes, eat in dining halls, and stay in dorms to get the feel of what college life will be like.

“They get to see how our campus is.. what our classrooms look like … we do take them through the buildings where they get to see how big a classroom is, which gives them an idea of how big class sizes are, said SOU tour guide Tali Beas. “The terrain and weather of our campus is a big thing. I know a lot of people come here for certain weather things.”

This year twice the amount of people signed up for preview weekend compared to this time last year.   The next preview weekend is being held February 14th and 15th, and there will also be a preview day held in March.