SOU Residents Get Emergency Training

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Fire engines and crews invaded the Southern Oregon University campus Wednesday morning; it was all part of an annual training for resident hall staff. Every year new and returning advisers are guided through the hands on exercise. Its an effort to make sure they’re equipped to lead their residents to safety in an emergency situation.

More than a dozen SOU Resident Hall Advisers were put on the line of fire, armed with the skills and the tools to fight the flames. Each got a turn to learn the proper way of handling the ”ABC extinguisher”, the type most commonly found in all facilities.

Fire fighters explained while this device is an all purpose machine, a different type of extinguisher is needed to fight against a metal-burning fire. It’s just one of many tips handed out during the training.

After conquering the blaze outside, R.A.’s were locked inside door rooms. Theatrical smoke filled the hallway, then a door knock gave them the cue to close windows, open blinds, touch the door to check the temperature and crawl out. While challenging, everyone made it out okay, ready to face what ever comes their way.

During the evacuation, drill students came across a door that had trouble opening. Fire officials say it’s small maintenance issues that are discovered through these exercises that can make a difference in an emergency situation.