SOU Programs to Be Cut

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Cuts could soon be on their way to Southern Oregon University, and some people on campus say it puts students in the middle.

On Tuesday night, SOU President Mary Cullinan said the university would begin the retrenchment process. She said SOU will need to make cuts to programs and faculty to make up for a budget shortfall.

University leaders say a decrease in enrollment and a decrease in state funding are forcing SOU to have to make cuts to make up a 4 million dollar gap.

Students on campus said they are disappointed that programs and faculty could be cut, especially after SOU approved tuition increases for the past several years. The SOU Student Body President, Tommy Letchworth, says students get caught in the middle of the budget problems.

“The thing that you don’t want to see is an increase in cost and tuition, while they’re decreasing programs and services available to you, because at some point the cost is going to outweigh the benefit,” said Letchworth.

SOU is current holding a 15-day comment period for students and faculty to find out what services they think are most valuable, and what could be cut or changed.