SOU President Discusses Cuts

CullinanASHLAND, Ore. — Big changes are coming to academic programs at Southern Oregon University. The President of SOU said cuts are on the way.

Southern Oregon University President Mary Cullinan delivered her “State of the University” speech to faculty, students and community members on Tuesday. In her speech, Cullinan spoke of the need to make reductions in academic programs in order to ensure long-term strength of the university.

Low-enrollment programs will be cut through a “retrenchment” process. Cullinan said the retrenchment process will begin with a 15-day comment period where students and staff can have their voice heard if program reductions are needed for financial sustainability.

Discussion of which programs will be impacted will take place later in the process. University officials say the amount of money received from the state in the current biennium is $13 million less than the 1999 biennium, despite enrolling about 800 more students.

In her address, Cullinan talked about how universities, like businesses and non-profits, have had to reevaluate every aspect of their organization. Cullinan said tough decisions must be made in order to focus on priorities and there is a need to invest in programs that keep students enrolled and successful.

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  1. Fred says:

    Just what are the numbers, Who is trying to hide the actual numbers and when will SOU get a new President. Time for a BIG CHANGE.

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