SOU Installs New Solar Panels


ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon University is increasing sustainability on its campus.

On Wednesday, the university began installation of several solar panels on top of one if the new dorms that was opened last fall.

268 solar units that will generate 73.7 kilowatts of energy are being installed on the roof of McLoughlin hall. The administration says it will help the dorm use less electricity and gas power. The solar energy panels will be installed as part is the original building plan for the dorm.

Though SOU has already installed several panels on a few different buildings on campus, the new panels will be more easily seen.

“A lot of the solar that we have on campus are hidden on roofs that you can’t see from the ground. These, you’ll be able to see from the boulevard. Students can see it when they come to tour the building. So it’s very visible and it lets people see that we are committed to sustainability,” said SOU Sustainability and Recycling Coordinator Roxane Beigel-Coryell.

The school intends to install about 300 more panels on Shasta Hall in a few weeks.