SOU Holds Law Enforcement Training

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon students are getting to see a day in the life of a police officer as part of hands-on training program.

Police cars, SWAT vehicles, and about forty uniformed officers all descended on the campus Friday for the criminology department’s lock-in event. Students practiced agility testing, weapons training, and even canine handling.

The event organizer says it’s meant to teach the physical parts of the job that a textbook can’t show.

“It was a way to bring the simulation to the student, to have them start thinking about it from a different perspective, ‘Is this really what I want to do? What does it feel like to really be scared and to know that there’s someone with a gun and with a hostage in this situation, how do I handle it?’” explained SOU Professor of Criminology Dr. Lee Ayers.

The event was also open to faculty members who wanted training in what to do in an emergency. This is the fourteenth year of the event.