SOU Campuses Open for Finals Week

sousnowfinalsASHLAND, Ore. – The Ashland School District is closed for a third snow day, but students at Southern Oregon University still have to show up for their final exams.

Students trying to get to campus said the snow is causing a huge inconvenience during finals week. Transportation to and from the campus is proving to be very difficult. Many students are using the Rogue Valley Transportation District bus system, but students said it’s taken up to two hours to travel from homes in Talent and Medford.

Erica Knotts, a graduate student at SOU, said some professors are making arrangements for those having the hardest time getting to school. “A lot of professors are making their finals online, just for the safety of students. We have a large commuter population at SOU and so it’s important to keep the students safe. I think that’s the university’s priority right now” Knotts said.

Monday morning finals at the SOU campus in Ashland were rescheduled for Friday, December 13th. On Tuesday, students were expected to show up at regular times.