SOU and JPR Foundation Reach Agreement

MEDFORD, Ore. – After months of negotiations, Southern Oregon University and the Jefferson Public Radio Foundation have reached an agreement on a new organizational structure. The new decision will mean the two will continue their 14-year partnership operating the public radio network.

The restoration of Medford’s Holly Theatre was put on hold as the two organizations settled on a new deal, but this recent agreement will mean the holly along with other project will be back on track.

Last year, the Oregon University System conducted an audit of Jefferson Public Radio and the JPR Foundation. That audit highlighted a number of issues that emerged over the two organizations’ development during the last ten years.

SOU and JPR Foundation began negotiations to address the outstanding issues. With no solution in hand, in June, Governor Kitzhaber asked everyone to accept a cooling off period and appointed a mediator to help when the two teams met back up.

The new agreement announced this afternoon states, SOU will be the licensee and operator of all JPR’s radio stations. JPR will remain a separate but affiliated non-profit with a role to raise funds for the network. The new addition to the team is a limited liability corporation just created, called Jefferson Live! The ownership of the Holly Theatre, the Cascade Theatre and the Medford properties will be under the new Jefferson Live! company. This company will be owned by the Foundation, but as an affiliate.