Group Seeks Funds for Methadone Clinic

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A spike in heroin use in Josephine County is pushing citizens to jump-start a methadone clinic.

Securing our Safety, a group dedicated to find funding solutions in the county,  sent a letter to the “Joint Ways and Means Committee” asking for $800,000.

The group came up with this figure after talking with Marion and Lane county officials who already have a methadone clinic. SOS says if the money comes through it will help fund community awareness programs and hire physicians for one year.

“An important part of our program is that we’re going to fast track people in counseling and support groups. And we want people to come into the program with the understanding that they are going to get off methadone or suboxone,” said SOS member Toni Webb.

Currently, about 150 grants pass residents travel to the medford methadone clinic to seek treatment.


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  1. Joe says:

    Hello…I would like to suggest that these addicts simply use the Narcotics Anonymous 12 step program in Grants Pass and Medford,and other towns.It is free,and has 60 years of success with addicts,thousands who never needed methadone or suboxone.It would save us taxpayer’s a lot of money! Addiction to methadone and other replacement therapy drugs does not solve the problem.Methadone and suboxone have many harmful side-effects too.See NA.org for more information.From a recovering addict who took advantage of N.A. many year’s ago,and has been clean of everything ever since!Sincerely,Joe T.

  2. Toni Webb says:

    Our plan is a multi-pronged approach, Joe. Counseling and support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous, definitely have a place in the recovery of drug addiction. Suboxone is superior to methadone; Suboxone has less side effects and is safer for pregnant women. Last year, 126 babies were born drug-addicted in Josephine County. For many of these babies, there will be lifelong effects.
    The NA program is already in effect in Grants Pass, and you can help by getting the word out. By approaching the problem from several angles and tratment options, we will have better success.
    Visit the “Securing Our Safety” .org site for more information and to read the document we presented to the Ways & Means Committee.
    Thank you, Toni Webb

  3. ---- says:

    I agree with Joe. I personally do not want to see a methadone in Grants Pass. Very few actually use the methadone clinic in the correct way. I have observed people who attend the clinic in Medford who get their daily dose of methadone and abuse other drugs along with it. They supposedly drug test but do they get kicked out? NO! It just helps add to the high they still want to feel. Those who actually want to get sober would not substitute another drug for their addiction. A clinic still consumes a person’s life just as a drug addict on the street. They have to line up for their daily dose and put all other things on hold until they get their drug. Not to mention how they say methadone is not a long term fix? The methadone clinic in Medford keeps patients well past the time it takes that they should be fully off of the drug. And the mention with methadone being safer for pregnant women? A drug is a drug. Methadone is going to produce some pretty bad effects on a baby just as any other prescription medication does. What is this world coming to?

    I say we put the money into funding the police department so they can crack down on the drug dealers and users and run them out of our towns! If the police came down hard on the drugs in our community we would probably see a decrease in the drugs in our community within a year!

    1. christopher says:

      I agree I am a methadone patient. Spent four years on methadone. I’m 31, and to be honest methadone is not the answer.It can be the helping factor in getting sober ,like Joe advocated. but fear krpt me addicted to methadone maintenace for years longer than i really needed. now im detoxing and relize after four years of MMT treatment. Sobriety is thee awner, just for some they might need stability to realize that, thats all we arre asking. i agree long term = not the answer.

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