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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Dozens of people dedicated to restoring public safety in Josephine County are meeting again.

Every Tuesday, Securing Our Safety group members meet at Wild River Brew Pub. While discussing ideas to restore public safety in Josephine County, holding their meetings at the pub also boosts business.

A manager said she sees more people coming to the SOS meetings every week; the SOS members end up ordering food and drinks, which helps her business.

So far, the group has more than 400 people signed up on its e-mail list, but about 40 people show up to the weekly meeting. SOS said the group is split up into several groups working on different projects. The assigned leader of each team comes to the Tuesday meeting.

“That leader will come to the meeting and discuss where they’ve gotten, have they been able to educate certain groups more, because that’s one of the things we’re trying to do is to create more trust and transparency in local politics,” explained SOS Organizer Elizabeth Hirni.

SOS will be discussing the property tax idea pitched to county commissioners on Friday. The tax would add a district property tax to residents in Josephine County except those in the city limits of Cave Junction. Group members are also discussing ways to attract businesses from Portland, re-work lottery funding and to best utilize timber harvests in the county.

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  1. Jim Long says:

    Hey channel 12 where’s the news report that the Josephine County Commissioners have AXED THE Law Enforcement Taxing District? They will be no taxing district on the May 21st ballot!

    Instead there will be a 5 year fixed levy of a proposed rate of $1.48 per $1000 assessed bring the total rate to $2.06.

    Only problem is that it may not pass either because the rural citizens have lost their trust in the County Sheriff to actually provide the proposed total of 18 rural patrol deputies, not including the three contract deputies, or the new proposed school safety deputies.

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