SORCC Has Norovirus Outbreak

Veteran's Resource CenterWHITE CITY, Ore. — The Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics (SORCC) has notified us that it is experiencing an outbreak of the Norovirus and therefore is restricting access to the SORCC.

The illness has a 24-hour incubation period and is contagious 48-72 hours after symptoms have stopped, which is why the SORCC needs to limit the number of people moving in and out of the facility.

SORCC is limiting access on campus to pharmacy pickups, lab draws and emergencies. The restrictions will be reviewed each day and lifted as soon as possible.

If you are an outpatient at the VA SORCC and do not have enough medications to last for 72 hours (3 days), please call the pharmacy at 541-826-2111 extension 3606 and the pharmacy will mail medications to patients overnight.

As a precautionary measure, practice good infection control to protect patients and employees and control the spread of the illness. Good hand washing practice with soap and water is also recommended.

The SORCC is asking the public and veterans for their support and understanding and recommending that patients do not visit the VA for this short period of time.

The SORCC hopes to be in a position to re-introduce campus access in a matter of days. If you have been unwell or have any Norovirus symptoms, the SORCC asks that you exercise caution and do not visit the campus.