DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Grows

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APPLEGATE, Ore. — Wednesday morning, the Drug Enforcement Administration served four federal search warrants in Jackson County. One of those raids at a Southern Oregon medical marijuana grow site had officials carting away truck loads of marijuana.

Down the windy and dusty left fork Humbug Creek Road in the Applegate area unmarked trucks could be seen pulling in and out of a property some leaving full of marijuana plants. DEA officials say it was 1 of 4 federal search warrants they served Wednesday morning, two of the others in Jacksonville and the other in Ashland.

Lori Duckworth with SONORML said she got a call before 8 a.m. that a medical marijuana grow site was being raided for illegal activity. Duckworth went to the site herself during the raid, not to support the growers, but to support the integrity of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

Neighbors NewsWatch12 spoke with said they were delighted to see the property get busted because they say it was clear that suspicious activity was going on. Wednesday morning’s raid comes less than a month after the High Hopes plantation was raided on September 18th in Ruch.

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  1. Mandy Valencia says:

    Where did the information about the two raids in Jacksonville and the one in Ashland come from? I wasn’t able to confirm that with anyone of the authorities.

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