SONORML Re-Opens after Arrests

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Cannabis community center SONORML is back open after being raided and seeing four of their members arrested. The raid was the result of a two year investigation. Police say SONORML and three other Jackson County businesses were illegally selling medical marijuana.

It is legal for a safe access point or dispensary to charge a card-holding patient for reimbursement of expenses. Anything above those expenses that be considered profit is illegal. Three of the four arrested also face could charges for selling within a thousand feet of a school.

Police declined to give out all of the details of the investigation, but said the amount of income the businesses were bringing in was too high to be considered reimbursement. Representatives of Oregon cannabis connection say those arrested were operating and selling legally.

All of the cannabis plants at SO-NORML were confiscated during the raid. Police say there is still a long investigation and court process ahead. They say in addition to revealing whether or not these charges are valid, it could also reveal whether or not any additional businesses were participating in similar activity.

This raid comes as some lawmakers in the state push for state run medical marijuana dispensaries. That initiative is currently in the House, although no votes have been held yet.


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  1. Tammy says:

    These people receive donations all the time for the generosity of services they provide for people with life threatening illnesses. There is no way to put a finger on the amount people are willing to give to such an organization. I feel this is discrimination due to the fact that some people in the sheriffs department do not like the idea of legalization of marijuana for therapeutic reasons.

    1. Ed says:

      Tammy Please, do you deal with them or are you going by what they tell you? I understand the need to help people but they were selling. Im a grower for my only my girlfriend now, but three years ago I walked into there looking for card holders to grow for. After talking with them and then checking the laws here in Oregon and talking with an Attorney, It came to light that they were not acting within Oregon law. They infact are what is called !!despenceary!!( Please forgive my spelling) and According to Oregon law these are not legal.

  2. Candice says:

    This is a major hit to the medicinal marijuana community. For some people this means the difference between safe access and black market. Unfortunately many patients have suffered from the latter because of lack of knowledge about molds and such. My mother was hospitalized after consuming moldy medication. This was a safe place to be a patient, now some patients fear entering the facility as many suffer from ptsd and anxiety. This was entrapment and bullying by the police…no more.

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