Some Teachers Crossing Picket Line

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MEDFORD, Ore. — An exact number of teachers who have crossed the picket line has not been released, but the Medford Education Association says it’s around three and a half percent of its members. Several of those teachers are said to be in the Ruch School.

While schools in the Medford School District have seen lower attendance during the altered days this week, the Ruch School has not seen much of an impact, and actually had their attendance rise from day one to day two of the altered schedules.

Ruch is a small school in the Medford District, consisting of 21 staff members and 210 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Despite the ongoing strike, several teachers are said to still be teaching while fellow MEA members are out in the rain on the picket lines.

The Medford Education Association said about 3.47% out of about 600 MEA members have decided to continue to teach. A Ruch 6th grader said her teachers are still there, but the school is still running an altered schedule.

“It’s like you’re going to go in there, you’re going to go in there, you’re going to cram in all your studies and then you’re done and you’re going home. Her life, right now, is the one that’s being affected,” said parent Anna Shauffe.

On Friday, the Ruch School had 94% attendance and increased each day the school was open this week.


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  1. Ruch Mom says:

    Ruch does NOT have 21 teachers. It’s entire staff doesn’t even total 21.

    1. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

      There are 21 members of Ruch School staff, according to the school district. https://www.medford.k12.or.us/SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=118

      1. Ruch Mom says:

        21 staff is an outdated number however, I can understand the error, since it is based off data in district published numbers. But, do note staff includes teachers, administration & classified personnel; 21 staff is vastly different than 21 teachers.

  2. MELISSA G. says:

    I WANT TO SAY ONE THING TO THE Medford Parents and Teachers. You need to stop the harassment. If I want to keep my child in school that is my right. As if you want to keep yours out. I don’t need the calls and the text. My child is enjoying school and she had a great party today. If the news is reading this you need to look into this group. I don’t share your views as the teachers don’t need to bankrupt this area. Leave me and my family out of this.

    1. Abigail H. says:

      Excuse me Melissa G., but if you don’t know or understand the issues that are involved with the Medford School District’s teachers and why they are striking, then you should take the time to educate yourself and not WHINE about being harrassed. When you post, you create a discussion whether someone agrees or disagrees with your OPINION.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    I fully support Melissa G. I have heard numerous reports of harassment by teachers and other parents whose choose to keep their children home. I applaud Melissa for taking the higher road and having her daughter attend school. I have also heard positive comments from parents whose children are attending. The have spoken that the kids are learning, and also learning life lessons on how to be flexible when presented with new situations (i.e. school, classroom, teachers, new friends, and riding the bus for the first time). My husband is a firm believer in you get out of school what you put into it. If parents have a negative attitude then so will the kids. We have raised 2 (graduating with honors) and the 3rd will in a year (with honors). We have made them tow the line and do their best with each situation presented. So Melissa, I say “hang in there, I’m proud of you”.

  4. Ronald Howser says:

    To the teachers union, thanks again for bending the rules a bit and going the extra mile to keep our school open. Very thoughtful for your group to lobby for us when the school board and the district officials insisted on closing our school down. Good luck on your negotiations.

  5. mznascar says:

    Do the teachers work for the Union or the school???

  6. Brooke says:

    If it’s not about money then perhaps you ought to,get back to work!!

    It’s suppose to be about the kids, not the teachers bottom line.These teachers are making w benefits n bonus’s on the average of 100k a yr here in the valley. But they want more benefits and money. It’s an absolute joke that this is about lesson planning time! What a rues! All the while our kids are graduating w out a basic education. They have a diploma but still can’t do eighth grade algebra or spell for the most part. The school system in the USA is broken. Sadly the USA is amongst the dumbest in the world..the most powerful country in the world has some of the dumbest people. What’s wrong w this scenario?
    Get rid of tenure and hold teachers accountable for their failing students. In any other profession you get fired for failing at your job, not more money and benefits.
    Why are we not protesting the teachers for NOT doing their jobs?!?! Parents! Fight for your kids to get an education worthy of 100 k a yr! Demand it! It’s your tax money paying them!

  7. Brooke says:

    I agree Melissa
    That last comment was just a rude as the absurd strike that is suppose to help our kids. What a joke. More money will not fix a rotten system. Home school your kids if you can. Simply google it. Tons of resources available to parents who want their children to have a good education. Our school system in America is broken. Stop throwing good money into the rubbish we call an education system. Parents unite and demand your kids get the education we are paying for w our tax $$$$ to the sum of an average of 100k a yr w bennies per teacher! But wait..bennies don’t count lol.. If that’s true I have a bridge I’d like to sell you Abigail H lol
    Perhaps you would like to educate us all on how this strike is really helping our kids?!?
    Oh we all know, it’s about more lesson prep time…get back to work or try finding another profession that pays you for failing..now, about that bridge Abby..

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