Some Local Construction Companies Will Travel for Work

By Danielle Craig

ASHLAND, Ore. — The construction industry is seeing employment improvements, but it’s happening slowly. That’s why some companies are traveling out of town to find work.

Adroit Construction says projects outside of the Rogue Valley account for about 20% of its workload. Even with large projects like the Southern Oregon University dorms and the Lithia headquarters without the option to travel, Adroit says it wouldn’t be able to operate at it’s current level.

“On occasion we’d head out of town, if we had that one special client, maybe. Now we’ve actually sought out more national accounts so we can travel more to maintain that base that we’re used to having from a revenue side of our business,” Bob Mayers, the CEO of Adroit Construction.

In Jackson County last month, there were about 3,000 fewer jobs, than in the same time period in 2006.