Some Josephine Co. Thieves Getting Away

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Some thieves in Josephine County are getting away with their crimes. Co-owner of Rogue Valley Pawn and Jewelry Store told NewsWatch12 he knows several people who between them have stolen items nearly 100 times from a particular store. Those people are all still roaming around the area, but it’s not a surprise to him or other pawn shops, because the sheriff’s office has its hands tied.

As many residents now know, if their home is burglarized, the sheriff’s office can only log that information, taking down the serial numbers to their stolen goods for insurance purposes. In most cases, that’s where the investigation stops. So, if someone brings a stolen good to a pawn shop and it pops up as a stolen item, the store can only hold it or try to hold the criminal, which has not been so successful.

“We had an individual where law enforcement was looking for, we had him in here and we held them for over a half an hour they never showed up and we can only hold them for so long. Ti’s different if we know the person has like a felony warrant for them then we can hold them longer,” said Rogue Valley Pawn Co-owner Chris Oddo.

Law enforcement and several pawn shops use a national system called Leads Online, where any stolen good is tracked through it. Rogue Valley Pawn said a stolen item will be held for about 90 days and then it’ll go back on the shelves. The store suggests calling in to check if your items have turned up and bring proof through a police report that it really belongs to you.